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Today, Safe Rooms can be used to protect people from both Severe Weather and Crime > at the same time! See Building the Perfect Home or Addition located below.

Panic Rooms and Storm Shelters:

The above ground safe rooms can be as simple as hidden and secure rooms (or spaces) with-in a home which serve as protection from Criminals (Panic Room).  "A place to hide until danger passes."

They can also be as complex as a fortified room used for protection from projectiles such as above ground Storm Shelters.

Storm Shelters come in two basic types:

1. Above Ground and 2. Below Ground.

Above ground fortified storm shelters are often bolted to the foundation of the home (basement - with-in the home) and they must be able to support the weight of the home in the event of a collapse while below ground fiberglass or steel bunker pods are below grade - normally outside of the home. However, they can also be installed below an addition and used in combination!

In order to hide your Safe Room (Panic Room or Vault), you need a Hidden Door. The Hidden Door Mirror and the Bookcase to the right are covered in the Improvised Hidden Door - Mirror and Bookcase Plans. This is an easy and inexpensive way to build your own hidden door!