So, is your Home your Castle?

Although they say that every mans home is his Castle, in reality it only fits that description if it protects the residents just as the Castles of Old were designed to do.

Today, our homes can be designed (or improved) using modern advancements in technology to protect us.

Every family needs a place in the home to retreat to in an emergency like a home invasion or severe weather. A safe and secure room (Safe Room) like a Hidden Panic Room for the family or a Hidden Vault for Valuables.

Warning! This does not imply using the same room for family and valuables as it is a bad idea that could put lives in danger if criminals are seeking the valuables.

So, how do you hide a room from criminals in order to protect your family or your valuables? You can use a concealed or "Hidden Door".

How about a Bookcase Hidden Door that is a real bookcase and functions as a door! In an emergency, you can push or pull it open and disappear inside.

Below are just a few uses for a Safe Room:

* Panic Room * Secure Gun Closet  * Jewelery Storage Closet * Storm Shelter.

Some uses for Hidden Doors include:

* Hidden Entrance into Basement or Attic * Hidden Stair Passage (First to Second floor hidden stair case passage).

Hidden Doors come in many forms and serve many purposes. Some examples are bookcases, display cases and vase niches in walls that can hide entrances and compartments as well as trap doors in ceilings and floors that can hide entrances and compartments.

Trap doors in floors can be used for utility access (plumbing, electrical, etc. access) as well as access to secret passages leading to safe rooms or fire escapes.

In case of a fire, a trap door in the floor could be the only way out or at least another option, another way out of danger. And since smoke, heat and flames rise, moving low and out of the building could be the best way and a trap door escape could be a convenient option in such an emergency.

Quality "Built to Last" Hidden Doors are hard to find unless you know a Craftsman. For example: A bookcase hidden door that holds the weight of real books, could weigh several hundred pounds, which means that it has to be built like a several hundred pound door. Moreover, it has to be built like a several hundred pound door that will not sag with the constant pull of gravity.

If however one doesn't need a full size bookcase (Heavy Duty) but merely a small case (Light Duty) with light items, many hidden doors on the market will do the job as long as they are "Built to Last" and as long as one does not overload the door with more weight than it is intended to hold.

Thank you and please enjoy exploring the site.

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